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The Organization

Our Mission

J’me fais une place en garderie (JMFPG) was born in 1994 after the day care centres and early childhood stimulation centres closed down. A group of parents initiated the project in collaboration with the Quebec Cerebral Palsy Association in Montreal. Since then, the organization has grown and has become an autonomous corporation.

However, our mission stayed just the same:

To support families living with a child from 0-5 years old with physically disabled associated or not with another disability, in the integration process of child care services authorized by the Government of Quebec.

This resource is intended for families living in Montreal with a child suffering from a disability or a developmental delay in motor functions. This disability or developmental delay may be associated or not with another sensory or intellectual disability.

In pursuit of its mission,J’me fais une place en garderie made a point to promote integration of children with special needs by organizing a symposium (Growing Together, 2005) and a forum (Building Complicity, 2008) and by launching various promotional tools (Together DVD; Building Complicity poster, 2008). In 2010, the organization also implemented a training program for personnel in child care services: Welcoming Differences on a Daily Basis: For the Participation of Everyone during Early Childhood.

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